Setting Up a Business Website Using WordPress (Part 1)


Part 1 – Get a Domain & Hosting

The first step for any website is to get yourself a Domain Name( and hosting.

Domain Name

A domain name is as important as your own name in identifying you in the real would, there domain name identifies you(your site) in the virtual world.

Every domain name has a suffix that indicates which top level domain (TLD) it belongs to. There are only a limited number of such domains. For example:

  • gov - Government agencies
  • edu - Educational institutions
  • org - Organizations (nonprofit)
  • mil - Military
  • com - commercial business – most widely used and flexible
  • net - Network organizations
  • ie - Ireland
  • – United Kingdom
  • Find out more about domain names

    Web Hosting

    A Web host is in the business of providing server space, Web services and file maintenance for Web sites controlled by individuals or companies that do not have their own Web servers. This is where your website files are stored and where your domain/website files will interact with users requesting pages on your site. DNS is the link between your domain and web hosting, where your hosting and files within this will be given an IP address and when linked to a domain through DNS helps files/pages/sites become easier found e.g. This sites IP Address is and domain is which both are hooked together through DNS.

    Find out more about Web Hosting, IP Addresses, DNS

    Below is a diagram how it all links to make websites easily accessible through unique names(domain name)


    Blacknight Hosting & Domain Set Up

    For this guide I will be using Blacknight Hosting for the setting up of the site. This is the host I would use for most sites I set up and are very easy to deal with. There are various others you can use and work in nearly exactly the same way as Blacknight but I really like their set up.

    Step 1 – Domain Search & Registration

    Go to, once on the homepage in the box saying Register a Domain Name today(see image below) enter the desired domain/URL you wish to use for your site and click GO. I would recommend not making this too long and restricting the number of characters you use, you can see some tips on picking a domain here on the SEOmoz Blog.

    Once you click GO you will be brought to a page showing availability of the desired name. If the domain is not available it will show something similar to the image below. You will need to retry with an alternative in the box highlighted in the image below.


    Once you find an available domain you wish to use tick all the appropriate TLD’s. In this case I only choose .com as I am going to be setting up a non country specific commercial website which I may later want to geo-target through the use of a subdomain/subdirectory instead of having a country specific TLD for each country e.g. for the uk site having and for the spanish site having .es as the TLD. If you are a business that trades in only one country and never plans to expand abroad a country specific domain like United Kingdom) is fine and can help with your search engine rankings.

    If this is not just a temporary project be sure to register for as long as you can, it shows commitment to the various search engines and reduces the hassle of re-registering. After you have made your choice and are sure you want to name your site with the available domain name, click Add to Basket.

    On the next screen if you see something like this, click Continue. On the next screen click Continue to Cart and you will be brought to a page to add hosting to the purchase.

    Step 2 Adding the Hosing Package

    So now in the process we will be asked if we would like hosting. For this tutorial we will be using the Linux Minimus package as it will have enough space to host our site and the Linux servers are easy to set WordPress up on. Don’t worry you can ring Blacknight to upgrade your account fairly easy.

    Once you select add to cart, you will just need to proceed to checkout on any of the following pages. Once you reach the final page you will need to register a Blacknight account and enter your payment details. Once this is done you will received your order information and account details by email.

    So you have made the purchase time to move on to the next step… (Coming Soon)

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